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When we buy something online or need to transport a package, the post office or a parcel courier service often come to mind. However, not every item can be compressed into a neat little package. So, how do you transport those items too large or bulky for traditional parcel carriers to handle? The answer, of course, is freight.

In simple terms, freight is an extended version of a parcel shipping service. A freight service specialises in transporting goods from one destination to another in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. Transporting domestic goods can involve a variety of freight methods, including by air, rail and road.

When looking for a freight provider, you need to find capable business that can handle your goods with efficiency and care, as they have full responsibility to make sure everything arrives safely. The process involves more than just transportation — the crew will need to ensure everything is packed properly and accurately catalogued.

Before you organise freight, consider how large, bulky, heavy or fragile the item is as it may affect the option you choose. In addition, the time and location of delivery may affect the balance between speed and price, so if you haven’t organised freight ahead of time, calculate how long the shipment will take to arrive at its destination.

For example, a relocation will warrant different requirements to that of a last-minute birthday present — the sheer size of the move requires more space and manpower, while the distance covered may not always be as much of an issue. Whether you are moving home, office or warehouse, taking the time to consider your freight options will save you time, money and stress.

One Express is a leader in the industry of freight services, offering a variety of options to meet your needs from large and bulky shipments to personal and business storage in Melbourne. With a service centralised around the customer

If you’re still wondering which storage solution is right for your requirements, consider the advantages of One Express:

*Archiving boxes

*Extensive warehouse space

*Versatile pallet storage options

*No lock-in contracts (so if you’re plans suddenly change, it’s no problem)

*Free unlimited access (meaning you can come and go as you please), and;

*Free parking at the storage facility

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We always recommend to weigh and measure your FREIGHT using the right tools when it's packed and ready to go.

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