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Top 10 Driver Safety Tips

Here at One Express, our staff drive out to our office everyday at the Sunshine Industry area. This means we have to share the roads with some pretty large and impressive trucks.

Here are our top 5 Driver Safety Tips for sharing the road 

1 Leave enough distance

When following a truck, leave yourself 20 to 25 car lengths behind it. This may seem like a long distance, but large trucks obscure visibility far more than smaller vehicles. That much room is needed so that you have enough time to react if road conditions suddenly change. A good rule of thumb to ensure that you’ve left yourself enough room is to look for the truck’s side mirrors. If you can see them, then you are in a good place.


2 Watch out for loose freight or falling items

It’s also important to maintain space because of the potential for loose items or debris that can fall off the back of trucks or be flicked up from the road like wood or rocks.


3 Pay attention to slowing traffic

Because trucks can obscure your vision of the road, if you travel too closely to them you won’t be able to see sudden changes in the traffic speed.


4 Don’t forget the highways and motorways

Accidents up ahead or right in front of a truck on a highway or motorway require fast reactions. Leaving enough space in front of you will allow for that response.


5 Passing large trucks safely

When passing a truck and moving back into its lane, make sure you can see the truck’s headlights in your rear-view mirror before you cut back in. That allows the truck enough space to slow down or stop if something happens up ahead. A Full truck load can weigh up to 36 tons and take the length of a football field to stop. Most passenger cars weigh around 1.5 tons and have a much shorter stopping distance.


If you have anymore, make sure to share them with us below! And look out for Part 2 next week, covering our top 5 tips for safe driving for Truckies.

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